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Purchasing quarters and pension points

Under most of France's pension schemes, you can purchase quarters for any years that appear as incomplete on your employment history, which means that fewer than 4 quarters were accrued. Purchases are always capped at 12 quarters. If you have purchased quarters for your years in higher education, they will count toward the 12-quarter maximum.

You can also purchase quarters for other periods : employment abroad, periods as a contributing spouse ("conjoint collaborateur") of a private-practice professional, periods as a family helper in farming, unpaid periods caring for an ill family member (caregiver duties), etc...

Some of France's schemes will also allow you to purchase pension points as a way to increase the amount of your future pension.

Once you have logged in to your pension account, you will be able to access more information on your entitlements under each of your pension schemes.

For personalized information based on your pension schemes, please log into your pension account.

You can also use this account to :

  • access your career history
  • and estimate your pension entitlements

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