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I have performed military service or been a conscientious objector

You can accrue pension entitlements through military service and service performed as a conscientious objector.


How quarters are credited to your account

  • You will be credited with 1 quarter for every 90 days of service in the armed forces. Each quarter is credited to your account for the calendar year in which the 90-day period ends.

  • Quarters are credited to your account by the basic pension scheme in which you hold or held compulsory membership after completing your service.

  • Up to 4 quarters of national service, including military service and conscientious objectorship, count toward your length of insurance for long careers.

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Exceptions to how quarters are credited to your account

  • If you are a member of a special scheme not including CNRACL (local government and hospital workers), there are certain conditions under which your period of service can be credited to your account by that scheme, rather than by the scheme in which you held compulsory membership after your military service.

  • If you belong to CNRACL, only half of the length of any periods of service you completed as a conscientious objector between December 23, 1963, and September 1st, 1972 will be taken into account. Any periods completed from September 1972 onwards will count for their full length.

Important :

Whatever the circumstances, no more than 4 quarters for each calendar year can be credited to your account.

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