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My career includes an internship

Under most of france's pension schemes, you can pay contributions to credit periods as a company intern to your account. You will need to apply within 2 years of the end of your internship.

If you purchase contributions for your internship, you can have up to 2 quarters credited to your account. These will only be used to calculate the rate at which your retirement pension is paid. They do not count toward your length of insurance.

To be eligible for purchasing, your internship period must:

  • Have been completed as part of a higher-education program from March 15 2015,

  • Have lasted at least 2 months,

  • Have resulted in compensation.


Cost per quarter

If you apply to purchase quarters in 2016, contribution rates come to 386 euros per quarter.


How to purchase quarters

If your internship took place over 2 calendar years, you can choose the year to which you want the quarter or quarters to be credited.

Quarters can be purchased from the France's general social security scheme by contacting your local Carsat office.

Contributions can be paid in one or more installments (over 1 or 2 years).


In addition to purchasing quarters for your higher-education internship, you can also purchase quarters for your years of higher education enrolment, up to a maximum of 4 quarters total.

For personalized information based on your pension schemes, please log into your pension account.

You can also use this account to :

  • access your career history
  • and estimate your pension entitlements

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