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I have current or past employment in another country

If you are working in another country or planning to do so: your pension entitlements depend on your status and the country in which you work.

  • If your employer posts you within a company that has its head office in France, you will remain a member of the French pension schemes.
  • If you are hired under a local contract, you will pay contributions to the pension schemes of the country in which you are working. As a general rule, the social security law of the country in which you are working will apply.


When you are logged in to your pension account as shown below, you can access more information on your entitlements under each of the schemes to which you have belonged.

You can also click on this link to check out Info Retraite’s brochure on expatriation (Pension information for those living abroad - PDF in French, 2.12 Mo).

For personalized information based on your pension schemes, please log into your pension account.

You can also use this account to :

  • access your career history
  • and estimate your pension entitlements

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