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The dependency-related pension top-up for caregiving needs

If you have an ongoing need for assistance with the ordinary activities of daily living, you may be eligible for a dependency-related pension top-up for your caregiving needs if you meet the following 2 requirements :

  • You must be receiving a retirement pension due to unfitness for work (or have transitioned to your retirement pension from a disability pension), or, if you are a civil servant, you must be receiving a disability pension,
  • And you must have ongoing caregiving needs before you reach automatic full-rate pension entitlement age.

Rates for the dependency-related caregiving top-up are set by decree. You can apply for the top-up at the same time as your retirement pension, or you can apply by letter along with a medical certificate.


If you retire from private practice

Not all of the private-practice pension funds offer this type of assistance. To learn more, please log into your pension account as shown in the box below.

For personalized information based on your pension schemes, please log into your pension account.

You can also use this account to :

  • access your career history
  • and estimate your pension entitlements

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